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You need someone you can trust and rely on to help you make the right choices for today and the future. Netcom can give you the answers. We are completely impartial and by having partner status with all five Networks can ensure you really do get the best upgrade or new connection.

With more than 20 years industry experience Netcom can help you make informed decisions across a wide range of calling plans and handsets. You can be confident that you are on a plan that is specially tailored to suit your needs.

We won't drown you with jargon and tech-speak, just simply lead you through the ever changing mobile market.

If there is a better deal on a different Network you can change and keep your existing mobile phone number. Netcom can guide you through and ensure that it is a seamless process.

We understand the frustration of dealing with large companies where you are passed from person to person. At Netcom you have a dedicated, reliable member of the team who has the ability to deal with your every need and will look after you from start to finish.

Protect your brand new phone from loss, theft and accidental damage by having great value mobile phone insurance.

Why not trade in or recycle your old phone with our mobile phone recycling scheme.

Fill out the enquiry form on our contact page or call us on: 020 3510 0465 to discuss a mobile solution tailored to you.

Why use Netcom...

“From the very beginning I was very impressed by the service, knowledge and friendly manner from Netcom. There was no pressure to make a decision and the usual stress encountered when changing my phone just wasn’t there. I wish I had found them years ago, now myself, my wife and teenage daughter are on more cost effective plans with free calls to each other. They were a joy to use and would recommend them to everyone!”

Stephen M, Middlesex.

“At first I was unsure about dealing with a different company. However, Netcom came so highly recommended I decided to give them a try. The service I received was excellent and I made a significant saving on my bill each month. The experience has been far better than a shop on the High Street and the Network direct.”

Michael J, East Molesey.

“Netcom are very efficient, they did all of the tariff comparisons which usually took me several days. They gave time to understand the way my business worked and listened to our needs, I completely trust that they have my business’ best interests in mind. Changing from Vodafone to T Mobile was seamless. The technical support with our Blackberrys was very in-depth. I’m grateful to feel that they are always on hand.”

Nigel H, Teddington

“ say thank you so much for your help. As you know, I’m not a very technical person! The suggestion of a Blackberry worried me at first, I really did value the extra time you took to set it up and educate me on how it all works. It really has changed the way I work and made a real difference to the customer service I can offer my clients. It’s something I could or would not have done without you. Thanks for your ongoing support, it is appreciated.”

Fiona P, Sunbury on Thames.

“We have always dealt directly with the Network but as our business grew and we needed more lines it became apparent that Network just couldn’t offer us the service. Netcom gives us that and more. To have a contact who will take responsibility instead of being passed around a phone system was extremely refreshing and exactly what our business needed. The bill reviews have proved essential, we no longer need to dedicate a member of staff to do that. It was really worth the change.”

Golden Globe Commodities Ltd.

“Netcom saved me 60% on my monthly line rental. It took minimal input from me, they handled everything and transferring my number was a really smooth process. They kept me informed every step of the way. Now all my friends and family use them too.”

Karen W, Twickenham.

“Our business has used the services of Netcom from the very beginning. What appealed to me was their knowledge and exceptional customer service which rare to find now. I see them as part of our IT Team, the changes implemented by Netcom have enhanced our business year on year. By switching to Blackberry has kept the team in touch by e-mail whilst on the road. We are more productive as a result. They see things that I would never think of, they are a great asset to our company.”

Geneva Developments.

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